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50 Jobs for People With Lots of Facebook Friends

Last Friday August 5, 2011, a nationwide contest kicked off on Facebook to find enthusiastic individuals with a lot of social influence on the web. The question has been asked “Do you have what it takes?” Now it can be proven: contestants post their video in this contest, get more votes than the rest. Those in the top 50 will land the job. Have more friends? Get more votes. This is a contest of not only who has the most friends, but who has the most influence. Management says “If that’s you, then you will be one of our new Marketing Directors, simple as that”.

The contest asks contests to make an imaginative commercial for the penny auction site, and the top 50 winners will receive an offer from the site to become Regional Marketing Directors. These Marketing Directors will be instrumental in the successful launch of the site. They will be paid to help promote the brand, both online and within their regional markets. They may be asked to participate in local sporting events or conventions for instance, or perhaps promote entries through Facebook and Twitter. They will also be consulted for ideas and opinions on the marketing efforts for the site leading up to (and beyond) the launch of on October 1 of this year. They will be instrumental in the success of future promotions such as upcoming holidays etc.

The regional marketing director position is all about brand engagement with Woozol. When a winner accepts the position, they will be employed and paid by Woozol to be ambassadors for the company. By offering this position to the top 50 entrants, Woozol is giving every entrant the chance to make money and get in on the ground floor with an exciting new brand. is a penny auction site that is being designed from the ground up for social media integration, and feels that this contest reflects their strong belief that the new forms of communication created by social media are the best way to create an open and engaging website. That is why they have launched their first marketing efforts through Facebook, at

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