Infographic Details the Differences Between College and the “Real World”

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August 9, 2011

College graduates should expect some changes as they journey out into the workforce. and its sub-domain, The Degree360 have announced the launch of the “It’s a Wonderful Student Life” infographic, emphasizing the dissimilarities between the lives of students and professionals. The infographic comes after a survey by the National Associate of Colleges and Employers (NACE) revealed that employers are likely to hire 19 percent more college grads this year.

“There are so many things that vary among the professional and student worlds, “said Michael Stearns, spokesperson for “And while our infographic covers fun topics, we want our users to know that although they work hard during college, the professional world will likely present them with new and different challenges.”

The results of the NACE survey also draw attention to the fact that on average, at least 20 applications are submitted for every open position. This reinforces the competition in the job market at the entry level, especially because only 56 percent of last year’s graduates secured jobs within a year. As college graduates continuously search for jobs, it is important they understand that there is a huge shift that happens when they enter the work world. The infographic points out several variances between students and professionals including sleep habits, wardrobe and appearance, vacation time and income that can be useful. For example, 23 percent of students have one to three tattoos, while in the workplace, appearance is the number one characteristic associated with unprofessionalism.

“We hope that this infographic and the other articles on our site will help recent college grads gain professional insight and eventually land a job,” said Stearns. “We know it’s tough, but we are dedicated to helping our users.”

To find more information on this infographic, education news and up-to-date information on career trends, visit The Degree360 on as well as the OnlineDegrees on Facebook and Twitter. is a leading education resource focused on connecting thousands of visitors with the information they seek about online education and degree programs. Site visitors can easily research schools and connect with the providers of the career training they needed to succeed.

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