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To succeed in life in today’€™s world, you must have the will and tenacity to finish the job.‘€ ‘€“ Chin-Ning Chu

It’€™s Graduation time again. You know, Pomp and Circumstance or ‘Pomp and no jobs perchance’€ for many. Whether Parent or lucky Grad, there is lots of anticipation for when and where that first job will materialize. For one neighbor of mine, it took their son 9 months to land a job. He was actually very lucky as he landed a job with a major insurance company doing what he was actually trained for. For others, like another friend of mine, the job may not be what they actually had in mind (he landed a job working in a liqueur store). Yes, it’€™s tough out there, but there are jobs to be had. So how hidden is the job market? Let’€™s find out.

  • What is the Hidden Job Market? ‘€“ We’€™ve all heard the phrase (and for those with protracted job searches, ‘hidden’€ seems to be an understatement). This article, posted by the University of Wisconsin, provides some color to this topic. Starting with the ’80/20’€³ rule (only 20% of jobs are advertised), the article describes the hidden job market and the provides some great steps for discovering where the jobs are hidden. What to do and where to find the jobs is the main theme.

  • Step-by-Step Plan for Using the Internet to Go ‘Beyond the Want Ads’€ ‘€“ More on that topic, from Jobstar.org, this article provides 6 steps for your job search with lots of embedded links to related topics. From basics like ‘focus on your selling points’€ to ‘develop a list of targeted employers’€, this article provides a great plan to get you started. While you are on the site, take a look at the links on the left hand side of the page.

  • How the Hidden Job Market Works ‘€“ Okay, last article on this topic before we head off to some actual job leads. This one was posted on Jobfully.com and it focuses on (arguably) the best source of any job search ‘€“ Networking. The article provides a brief overview, followed by some sound advise (including targeted job search). Not too many embedded links, but definitely take a look at ‘break your addition to job search boards’€. That being said, there are tons of links on the right hand side of the page (including Networking).

  • College Graduate Jobs ‘€“ From Simplyhired.com, this specialized search indicated that there were over 66,000 job opportunities for College Grads on this site. You can narrow your search by typing in your location at the top of the page and by using the filters on the left hand side of the page. But that is not all. There are additional links on the bottom left hand side of the screen for Job Search Tools. As with many of the job search boards, you can create your own profile.

  • No Experience Necessary ‘€“ College Grad Job Search Revisited Vol 2 ‘€“ What better place to look than CareerAlley.com? This was an earlier post of mine which has lots of great information on preparing for your job search and making sure you are ready for prime time (need to talk a look for yourself on this one). And, there are additional related links at the bottom of the page.

Good luck in your search.


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