How Your Handshake Can Influence An Employer

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August 1, 2011

What does a handshake tell you about someone? It will likely tell you whether or not he or she wants to be taken seriously; you may even get a sense of his or her confidence level in a given situation. When it comes to your job interview, how you shake hands can actually influence a potential employer’s opinion about you as a candidate.

So, what does your handshake say to an employer? It gives some insight into your personality. Giving a solid (not too hard) handshake implies a willingness to express yourself and that you are excited about your interview. On the other hand, a less than firm handshake with an employer can leave him or her with the impression that you’re reserved and just want to get the interview over with.

Your handshake can not only affect the way an employer perceives you in the interview, but also as a potential employee. A firm handshake can help sell you as someone who is social, professional, and has a positive attitude. Think about it. Would you want anyone working for your company who couldn’t exhibit these qualities in an interview?

While your handshake is not the only factor in an interview, it does communicate a message to a potential employer. Let your handshake be more than a greeting. Make sure it shows respect to the interviewer and says that you are serious about getting the job.



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