Why Employers Should Post Their Recruiting Videos to YouTube

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One of my favorite analogies when I’m discussing how to prioritize tasks is to talk about low hanging fruit. If you’re picking fruit off a tree, the easiest and therefore most productive fruit to pick is that which hangs lowest to the ground.
Recruiters, human resource professionals, hiring managers, and other employer representatives should also think in terms of low hanging fruit when it comes to maximizing their college recruiting efforts. Want an example? Take recruitment videos. I’ve recently asked for a show of hands about recruitment videos when delivering a presentation at conference. I’ll first ask how many employers have them. Almost all raise their hands. I’ll ask people to keep their hands raised if they have those videos posted to their site. The majority do. I’ll then ask people to keep their hands raised if they have those videos posted to sites such as YouTube. Invariably, most of the hands come down and I see a lot of note writing as the attendees realize that they’re missing out on a great, free opportunity.

Want an example of an organization that does a great job recruiting college students for internships and recent graduates for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities? Take GEICO. Want to know just one reason why they’re so successful? Because they do a great job of picking low hanging fruit. Have a look at their YouTube page and you’ll see what I mean. They’ve got eight videos running and those videos have been watched 10,754 times. GEICO’s most popular recruitment video is GEICO Careers: See what it’s like working at GEICO!. It has been watched 4,032 times.
Cost? Nothing. Value? Priceless.

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