Social Networking for Professionals

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1.Check your settings on your profile.
You can choose to limit access to those who can view your entire profile. This will maintain a sense of control over the information employers might access online.
2.How personal is too personal.
Employers accessing the information may develop preconceived ideas about you which could affect their decision to interview you. More and more people are looking to promote and find jobs (internships) via social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIN so it’s important to use this very powerful tool wisely.
3.Use pictures wisely.
If you want to include pictures on your social networking site (and most people do) avoid pictures depicting partying and alcohol or any other discriminating behaviors.
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Article by, Penny Loretto, a career counselor at a small liberal arts college in upstate New York, has her own private career counseling practice, Career Choice, and is’s Guide to Internships.

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