• IT Recruiters Share Top Tips for Using Social Media in the Job Hunt

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    Social media is fast becoming the “it” factor in the recruitment and hiring process, especially in the technology arena. Using social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook the right way during a job hunt is just as important – some may argue more – as merchandising the appropriate set of IT skills to a company. If used strategically, it can be a boost to not only a job search, but a career. But with the good, comes the bad. Social media, if not managed properly, can backfire.
    Recruiters from Sapphire Technologies, an IT staffing firm, recently put together their top dos and don’ts of using social media during the job hunt:

    • Do Google yourself. What you say and to whom as well as where you say it (tweets, blog posts, instant messages and photos) can tell a potential employer a lot about you on a professional and personal level. Do a quick Google search of your name to be sure you know what’s out there and delete any controversial posts, comments from friends and photos that you wouldn’t want the hiring manager of a potential company to see.
    • Do create an online presence and join online groups. Much like companies use social media to generate brand awareness with a target audience, your online presence should “sell” who you are and what you can offer a potential employer. By developing profiles online, you create a stronger brand for yourself and offer potential employers more ways to connect and learn about the benefits of hiring you.
    • Do friend, link to and connect with hiring managers. Connecting with hiring managers online is a great way to rise above other candidates and allow your overall personality and job skills to shine through. But be sure to keep engagement on a professional level and, most importantly, interact on a regular basis. Connecting then going silent tells a lot about you!
    • Don’t forget about recruiters. While you’re ultimate goal is to get an interview (and a job) via a hiring manager, recruiters can serve as gatekeepers to these internal points of contact. Although recruiters don’t make the actual hiring decision, they may not serve up your resume for positions based on what they learn about you from your social media sites.
    • Don’t air your dirty laundry. This adage rings true in the world of social media more than ever. Think twice before sharing less than positive feelings about your previous job or boss, your current job search or work colleagues as this is sure to give pause to any hiring manager that comes across your posts. Same goes for personal matters.
    • Don’t forget to “group think”. Recruiters and hiring managers don’t need to see your birthday party photos or get constant Facebook status updates. To avoid this, create different social media groups such as Friends, Family and Work. Then decide what’s appropriate for each group to see.

    Job search tips courtesy of Sapphire staffing agency

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