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Continuing Education: A Lifelong Pursuit That Pays

Benefits abound for workers pursuing continuing education in certain fields, such as healthcare, business and education, experts say. Teaching continuing education and nursing continuing education seem to be the most popular today, along with continuing medical education. But the pursuit should be a lifelong occupation for everyone, no matter what their vocation.
If you want job security, try investing in ’employment insurance.’
That’s the term Greg Schulz uses to describe continuing education. “Continuing education is almost like employment insurance…If something unexpected happens, you are insured and protected. It teaches you something new, but also serves as insurance in a fast-paced and changing world-the more skills you can develop, the better prepared you are to have a successful career,” explains Schulz, dean of instruction and student services at California’s North Orange County Community College District.
Schulz and others say continuing education pays off in fields such as healthcare, business and education, bringing new career opportunities and often bigger paychecks. They point to continuing education as an unending pursuit for all workers, regardless of their occupation. Continue reading …
Article by Kristina Cowan and courtesy of where you can get accurate, real-time salary reports based on your job title, location, education, skills and experience.

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