College Seniors Speak Out: Are Schools Helpful for Job Hunting?

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New Grad Life recently traveled to a few Universities in San Diego. We picked the most interesting responses and want to share them with you. Due to the nature of the questions most students asked to for us to leave their last names out and schools they were affiliated with. Read on to see what College seniors are thinking!
NGL: “Let’s talk about the various services your University offers. What do you think about the career fairs?”
Ashley: “Useless….I mean it’s usually a bunch of companies that have all these entry-level sales positions. Then there’s like, agencies; the police, highway patrol, sometimes I really don’t get what they’re doing here. I think it’s even worse for our University – it makes our school look bad, you know?”
Omar: “A lot of the job fairs I’ve been to on campus are great. I’m not saying I got a job offer or anything on the spot, of course not, but I did get a few contacts and leads. You just need to weed out those ones that are not useful to you.”
Sonia: “I think it depends on what school you go to, because better schools have better companies who visit. I’ve been to a few other career fairs, and some were worse, some were better.” Continue reading …
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