WorkBlast Terminates Partnership with CareerTours

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This is definitely one of the most unusual press releases that I’ve run across in the 17 years since I founded this organization.
Press releases typically trumpet good news. You know, feel good stuff. But the folks over at WorkBlast apparently felt strongly enough about letting the world know that they’ve terminated their relationship with CareerTours that a press release trumpeting the not-so-good feeling stuff hit the wires.
Perhaps feelings hitting the wires isn’t the best way of describing what appears to be a nasty break-up. Perhaps a better way of describing this announcement is something else hitting the fan. One has to wonder what happened between these two partners to cause that certain something to hit the fan. Here’s the WorkBlast press release:

Los Angeles, CA – August 28, 2008 —, the online leader in video resumes and career portfolios, has announced that it has terminated all ties to former partner company, CareerTours, among concerns regarding the company’s vision for the future. WorkBlast executives initiated the termination, and CareerTours agreed to end the relationship. The affiliation was terminated after less than 6 months.
WorkBlast CEO Nick Murphy is excited about what the future holds for the emerging online company. “WorkBlast is continuing to innovate and overcome obstacles associated with being a leader in an emerging industry. Unfortunately, sometimes obstacles arise from within strategic relationships, and you have to remove the friction that’s slowing you down,” Murphy said.
“WorkBlast has a specific vision for our business and for what we create for working professionals,” COO Travis Cloyd added. “In order to move forward, we had to eliminate some challenges. We wish CareerTours nothing but the best with their local job board in Arizona.”

Nicely written but apparently WorkBlast only wishes CareerTours the best with their local job board in Arizona and not their national aspirations or anything else. Hmmm.

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