Why Trade Associations Make Sense

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For those seeking to find entry level jobs in a particular trade, the going may be a bit difficult. More and more, entry level positions are being filled before their availability ever becomes public knowledge. The reason for this is the use of word of mouth advertising by companies offering entry level job opportunities. The way this works is the CEO of corporation A says to his management staff that they have an opening in department A and they in turn spread this message to their staff. Very often, a member of this staff has a friend, relative or even a casual acquaintance who has the necessary skills for this entry level job and they relay this information to that individual. By doing the hiring portion of business in this manner, companies save money on advertising for new employees, improve the morale of their current crew (after all, who doesn’t want to work with their friends?), and can hire new employees at a lower cost.
The trade association comes into play because powerful networking connections can be made at this level. By joining such an association, you are rubbing shoulders with individuals who work for some of the largest firms in their various trades, those same firms who are offering entry level jobs. When you join a trade association, take the time to communicate with the other members of your group and let them know you are looking for an entry level job in your field and you may quickly find that the spirit of brotherhood among these groups is overwhelming as entry level job opportunities start flooding in.
In addition to the entry level job hunting aspects of trade associations, there are other substantial benefits to membership. Often these associations provide special services for their membership at a discount, such as group life and health insurance rates or the opportunity to participate in educational events. Often trade memberships offer a magazine subscription filled with trade related news and information to keep you current with new information regarding your trade. All of these things join together to make finding entry level jobs much easier for the trade association member.

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