Verbal Communication in Business

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Verbal communication is a form of expression that uses spoken words to communicate your thoughts. Everyday, people interact in this way; sometimes their language is casual and other times it’s more formal. In the workplace, it is important to structure your words clearly so that a variety of people can understand what you are saying. This is known as verbal communication in business.

College students probably wouldn’t talk to potential employers and co-workers in the same way they would talk to their families and friends. As entry level job seekers, they should become familiar with verbal communication in business in preparing to enter the workforce. Here are a few ideas to help in this process:

  • Take a business communication course in college
  • Participate in internships (learn the type of language used inside your field)
  • Talk to relatives and friends about a personal topic

Choosing any of these options cannot only allow entry level job seekers to become more educated in their field, but also give them valuable experience in verbal communication in the business world. How? By challenging them to clearly speak and understand the language used in a professional environment.
Verbal communication in business is the language used in a work setting that everyone can understand. There are opportunities to familiarize yourself with it before getting a job after college. Learning this language may make you a better candidate for job opportunities in the future.

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