Graduate recruiting tip: Go on campus

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There’s no substitute to meeting graduates in person.
You can gain so much subjective information through a face-to-face meeting that you just can’t get in the online version. But you can use the Internet to do a lot of your ground work, including using a recruitment management system to automatically schedule interviews.
Don’t just focus on a small number of “good” universities. There are good students at all universities; you just have to find them. The Internet allows you to focus on a wide range of institutions, not just a small circle that every company is targeting. This allows you to increase your reach.
Take some advice from Google, forge relationships with professors and graduate assistants at top universities. They are in the best position to spot star students.
Use alumni from recent graduates to internal management to create a “team” to help lead the efforts at targeted universities.
What is your experience of recruiting on campus? Any tips? Let our readers know by leaving a comment on our blog.
Article by Susanna Cesar-Morton of Recruitment 2.0
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