Campus Recruiting is a Good Idea in Any Economy

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January 27, 2011

There are some recruiters who think campus visits are a luxury rather than a necessity. John Flato would disagree. In his article for ERE, 5 Reasons to Maintain a Strong Campus Recruiting Program During This Economic Downturn, he explains why maintaining a campus presence is important, regardless of the economy.
Flato’s list points out why smart companies continue recruiting on college campuses even when financial times are tough.
1. Improve the quality of the talent you are able to recruit
2. Block and tackle competitors – “Smart companies know that this is a great time to take market share away from competitors, and this goes for talent, too,” Flato says.
3. Thwart looming retirements and a drain of intellectual capital – baby boomers will be retiring soon; maintaining a steady influx of talented new hires prevents any gaps caused by attrition.
4. Campus continuity pays off – a break in recruiting on campus could lead to a loss of connection, familiarity and trust, making things more difficult once recruiting programs are reinstated.
5. Campus recruiting is the most cost-effective way to source and retain top diverse talent.
The best-managed companies with visionary leaders will seize the opportunity to exploit the current economic morass. College students looking for internships and recent college graduates looking for entry level jobs want some semblance of security, too. Companies that maintain a campus presence even when times are tough send the message that they are stable, they are secure … they are a safe bet.

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