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Posted January 31, 2011 by Sponsors Campus Recruiting Forum in Chicago, IL

Minneapolis, Minnesota (February 8, 2011) –, the leading job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities, is proud to announce that it is an official sponsor of the 8th annual Campus Recruiting Forum in Chicago, Illinois on May 17, 2011 and that Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of, will deliver a presentation at the Forum in which he will discuss why and how corporate employers should use cell phone text messaging and other types of mobile marketing to help them reach students and recent graduates.

“The Campus Recruiting Forum is a wonderful learning opportunity for hiring managers, recruiters, and other human resource professionals who want to create or improve the university relations function of their organizations,” said Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of “Attendees at the May 17th Forum will learn how their brands should effectively tell their organizations’ stories to college students, how to use social media effectively to support their campus recruiting efforts, and how to attract the best talent from today’s college campuses.”

“We’re very excited about the line-up of presenters at the Forum,” said Graham Donald of Brainstorm Strategy Group. Attendees will walk away from the one-day conference having learned about:

  • best practices in campus recruiting;
  • strategies to make better use of tight resources;
  • changing student attitudes;
  • how social media is changing campus recruiting; and
  • how  to implement new strategies and tactics now

In just one full day, the Campus Recruiting Forum will provide employers with the intensive training and exchange of ideas they need to succeed.

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Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1991 by Steven Rothberg, who remains its President and is ranked as the 43rd most influential person on-line in the Fast Company Influencer Project. To receive regular updates about new and interesting data and reports, visit the Blog or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Steven can be reached via email at or phone at 952-848-2211.

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Business Travels Don’t Have to Be Completely Business

It is crucial to know your aims on a business trip and to set out with those goals in mind and to achieve them. But along the way, something rather impressive happens when you travel on business. You may acquire to go to some pretty amazing places and get risks to see things you would have never sought out if you have your wits about you as you travel.

Business trips don’t have to be all about business. There are times when you’ve completed your work and you can take in some of the local color, attractions and good food as part of your visit to an area. The 1st resource to tap to find out what is actually cool to enjoy in the city or town you are visiting are the locals. If you go to a distant town to doing business with a partner or vendor, they’re often more than happy to show you the lay of the land and what is fun to see and do in town.

If you can assure the evening of a local in your destination town, you can acquire quite an awful tour of the area and see things that tourists may never find. It isn’t that hard to woo a local to be your guide. If you’ve expense account money, you can arrange to buy your guide dinner on the company dime. They get a right meal for free and you get a guided tour of the area. The first lobster I ate in Boston happened while a person in the office I was working with took me to see the sights and find the best lobster in town. She acquired a great meal and I enjoyed the local haunts of one of the big cities in the country.

But do not be afraid to be a tourist if you are in a great city and you would like to see the big sites. If you are in New York and you want to take the tour of the Statue of Liberty and the boat ride around the island, by God, you just do that. It can be a pleasant memory of your visit to the town and after all, you worked hard on your business targets while in town so you’re entitled to some relaxation.

One of the finest ways to acquire some spare time to enjoy the local events and attractions is if you’re there on Friday but your work must be went on on Monday. Most businesses would rather pay for 2 nights in a hotel and meals rather than fly you home and back out again. So you can keep your rental car and have 2 days to simply be a civilian for a while and really search the local haunts.

To find those specific events in town that not many know about, read the local paper and look for those little local civilization or arts papers like the Village Voice in New York. These papers will contain details of festivals going on around the region, what is happening in the clubs and theaters in town as well. You may notice a regional celebration not far away that you can be part of and pretend to be a local for a few hours and have plenty of fun along the way.

If you do have a couple days to explore, don’t be panic to travel a bit to see a few things not that far away. On the east coast, a trip up Highway One will make travel you along some of the most scenic New England towns you can imagine. And you can linger and take a whale observing tour if you want to. If you already have a rental car, usually it is no more expense to apply it to see the state or go to the coast nearby where you are doing business. At most it might cost you a tank of gas and for that you may get so see one of the great sights in the country.

Make use of your business travel to see the world, have some fun and as the song says “stop and feel the roses along the way”. If you do, you’ll come home with eminent business to deliver to your company and a nice set of fresh memories to keep for a long time to come.

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Posted January 28, 2011 by Ranks as Top 100 Job Search Web Site

Minneapolis, Minnesota (January 27, 2011) –, the leading job board for college students hunting for internships and recent graduates looking for entry level jobs and other career opportunities, announced today that it was selected by as one of the top 100 job search web sites in the world. Given that there are some 100,000 job boards, that puts into the top one tenth of one percent all job boards worldwide.

“This guide relies on my 14 years of experience running a top niche job board and dozens of hours of research,” said Eric Shannon, Chief Executive Officer of “As you’ve probably noticed, the Internet can be a cesspool (to use Google CEO, Eric Schmidt’s words). So avoid posting your job or resume the first place you come to. Remember the old saying “measure twice, cut once”. Look for websites with personality, that win meaningful awards, that are in the news, that publish a blog – whose credibility is clearly high.”

“I’ve had the good fortune to know Eric for years and have tremendous respect for his work in building leading job boards such as,, and,” said Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of “When people talk about the founding fathers of the job board industry, they often include Eric in that group so to receive an honor such as this from Eric is especially meaningful.”

According to, job search sites were excluded from consideration if:

  • They lacked top Google rankings;
  • They had high Google rankings but suffered from low credibility, authenticity, or integrity;
  • Required registration or paid membership in order to be useful; or
  • Were aggregators of jobs from other sites like InternetInc’s or were a job board network.

About is the leading job board for college students hunting for internships and recent graduates looking for entry level jobs and other career opportunities. features hundreds of thousands of job openings and tens of thousands of pages of employment-related blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos. For more information, please visit

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1991 by Steven Rothberg, who remains its President. To receive regular updates about new and interesting data and reports, visit the Blog or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. For more information about partnering with, email

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The New Resume Lie: Look Dumber?

I first came across this topic earlier today reading Sam Narisi’s blog, HR Recruiting Alert. A brilliant piece that originated from an article in last months Wall Street Journal. Applicants are dumbing down their resumes so they don’t look OVERQUALIFIED! In Narisi’s piece, “The New Lie Applicants Are Telling.” he states:
With jobs hard to come by, more and more applicants are lying on their resumes. But they’re not the kind of lies you’re used to.
As HR pros know, it’s not out of the question for candidates to inflate their past job titles and duties, or add academic degrees that were never completed.
But these days, many out-of-work managers are looking for stop-gap jobs and are stretching the truth in a different way — by “dumbing down” their credentials so they don’t appear overqualified.
A lot of formerly high-up employees are willing to step a few rungs down the ladder just to get a steady paycheck. Often, that requires them to convince hiring managers they won’t jump ship the moment the market improves and something better comes up.

One way their doing that: changing job titles to look less impressive, according to the Wall Street Journal. For example, one marketing exec listed her previous jobs as “manager” and “trend researcher” to “staff” and “office support.”
Candidates are also hiding degrees and other academic achievements. One woman looking for temporary clerical work said she received no calls from employers until she stopped listing her master’s degree on her resume.
According to the Wall Street Journal’s article:
Kristin Konopka sent out nearly 100 copies of her résumé in January in search of receptionist work, but got only one callback. That’s when Ms. Konopka, a 29-year-old New York actress and yoga teacher, took her master’s degree and academic teaching experience off her résumé.
The calls started coming in. The slimmer version of her résumé landed in 30 in-boxes and earned her three callbacks and two interviews. “It definitely picked up the interest,” says Ms. Konopka, who realized quickly that people don’t “want to hire anyone who is overqualified.”
Securing work in a tight economy means more job seekers might find themselves applying for positions below their qualifications. Many unemployed professionals are willing to take paycuts for the promise of a paycheck. But to get a foot in the door, candidates are gearing down their résumés by hiding advanced degrees, changing too-lofty titles, shortening work experience descriptions, and removing awards and accolades.
So, when we started EmployeeScreenIQ in 1999 one of our pitches was not to overpay candidates because they lied about their qualifications. I guess employers need to be cautious and do background checks so not to pay market value when they are overqualified? Chew on that for a while???
Article by, Jason Morris and courtesy of EmployeescreenIQ

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LinkedIn Is Not A Social Networking Site

I know a number of people are going to disagree with me on this but read on and then tell me what you think.
LinkedIn is a professional networking site.
Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the rest are social networking sites.
Sure LinkedIn has some of the features of other sites like:

  • Events
  • Groups
  • Applications
  • A photo

Here is why I say it is different:

  • Do you post the same photo on LinkedIn as you do Facebook?
  • Do you use the same language, style or tone?
  • Do you leave the same updates?

Hopefully you do not.
Take this a step further with mistakes I see Recruiters make in treating social networking sites like LinkedIn:

  • Posting jobs relentlessly (or least when the economy was better)
  • Not participating in conversations
  • Not establishing relationships with people
  • Treating the sites like a searchable (for as much as they are) database

Job seekers are not immune to the mistakes in what they are doing on LinkedIn:

  • Much too casual photos
  • C U Later type of language
  • Sending connection requests that are very informal

There are no “rules” to this but some folks are not using common sense when they go from one to the other.
For my Recruiter friends and I mean this with a lot of respect, we need to use the sites the way they are and not they way we wish they were. By that I mean these are social sites. So participate, engage, contribute and communicate with people in a social setting.
OK, I feel better now and feel free to tell me why I am wrong 🙂
pauldebettignies.jpgArticle by Paul DeBettignies and courtesy of MN Headhunter — where they “play with their cards face up.”

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When Will Overall Job Growth Begin? Watch Staffing for Early Signs

A sustained upturn in staffing industry employment would signal the end of the current recession and suggest that overall nonfarm employment would begin to grow about three months later, according to new research released recently by the American Staffing Association. Staffing industry employment has long been considered a popular indicator of current economic conditions and a precursor of overall employment trends. Recent research confirms this conventional wisdom, but adds important nuance.
Key Findings

  • Staffing industry employment is a strong coincident economic indicator when the economy is emerging from a recession.
  • Staffing industry employment is a leading indicator for nonfarm employment–by about three months when the economy is emerging from a recession.

Source: ASA

“Analysis shows that temporary help employment is a strong coincident economic indicator when the economy is emerging from a recession. This suggests that a sustained upturn in temporary help employment would signal the end of the current recession,” the report indicates. These conclusions were drawn from statistical analyses of 36 years of government data conducted by ASA and its corporate partner, the Inavero Institute for Service Research.
“This is the first time that an upswing in staffing jobs has been so closely linked with economic recovery,” says ASA vice president Steve Berchem, CSP, who directed the research project. Demand for temporary and contract employees in May remained virtually unchanged from that in April. While this does not constitute an upswing, we see a continued signal of stabilization in industry employment.
Article courtesy of Kennedy Information Recruiting Trends providing leading edge insights and strategies for the recruiting professional

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5 Things Humans Can Learn From Puppies

Boy, its been awhile since I posted. I have been extremely busy and have really let the blog slide so I need to get back on track!
I just got a new puppy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whom I named Oliver. He is so adorable and sweet. He spends most of his day keeping me company on a pillow that I have placed next to the computer on my desk. When he isn’t sleeping he is running around the house, playing with my other dogs, exploring, sitting on laps, and generally spreading joy and fun wherever he goes. As I watch him grow and learn it occurred to me that adult humans can learn a thing or two from puppies.
1. If you fall down, get back up and keep going.
Oliver is very quick and spry; sometimes I don’t even hear or see him coming until he has smashed into a door I am opening. The other day he ran head-on into a door just as I was opening it. I don’t know how he didn’t get a concussion. He didn’t cry or whine. He just got up, wagged his tail and followed me out the door. As we get older I think most of us indulge ourselves in some time to complain or be upset about things that go wrong – maybe we should try to bounce right up and keep going instead of wasting precious time feeling sorry for ourselves. Easier said than done of course.

2. Enthusiasm is contagious.
Oliver pops out of bed every morning with an excitement and enthusiasm that makes me smile even though I am in desperate need of caffeine before I can start my day. I can’t help it. He is excited about the day so I start my day with a smile. People who walk into a room with a genuine (not fake) smile and who seem happy tend to elicit the same attitude from those with whom they interact. It can be difficult sometimes but happy spreads happy.
3. Forgive and forget.
Oliver and my two other dogs, Rusty and Kodiak, are adjusting to each other. There is a lot of toy and rawhide stealing going on in the house now. Sometimes Kodiak, who weighs about 90 pounds, just walks right up to Oliver and takes a toy out of his mouth. Oliver always looks confused but he doesn’t get mad and he continues to try to become friends with Kodiak. And Kodi is warming to him and is spending less time playing with Oliver’s toys and more time playing with his own. I am not a believer that anyone should take a lot of crap from anyone else but in certain situations taking the high road is a really good way to go.
4. Every day brings the possibilty of new adventures.
Every time we try a new activity like riding in the car, walking to the park, or meeting a new person, Oliver reacts with all the enthusiasm you would expect from a puppy. It’s just good to remember that every day we are alive we have the option to enthusiastically take on new adventures, challenges, and activities with a positive attitude.
5. Openly showing those you love how you feel is a good thing.
What can I say? Puppy hugs and kisses are fantastic and make every day better. Make sure the people you care about realize their importance in your life every day because life is short. Oliver’s obvious love for me makes me so happy every day even when I am having a crummy day.
Liz Handlin.jpg Article by Liz Handlin and courtesy of Ultimate Resumes

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Want an Internship? Get Aggressive.

July is right around the corner and this terrible job market for college students and recent graduates has snuffed out the chances that they had for landing an internship. Or did it?
If you haven’t landed that great internship yet, get more aggressive. I’m not talking about getting your friends in New Jersey to put a horse’s head into the bed of the hiring manager but instead literally calling up your target companies. Lauren Berger a/k/a The Intern Queen did just that when she was a freshman in college and landed the first of her many internships. Intrigued? Watch her recent interview on Fox News.

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I Concur, This is a Great Internship Opportunity

Since you’re looking for an internship, it’s probably a safe assumption that you are not familiar with “expensing” things. Hopefully you will be one day (soon). Many companies (especially consulting firms) allow their employees to pay for travel, lodging, and food, and then submit receipts to the company to get reimbursed. It can be pretty sweet if you’re getting $30 a night to spend on dinner, while racking up credit card points and frequent flier miles at no expense to you, but the downside is that submitting expense reports to get reimbursed is time consuming and quite annoying. Concur, a Redmond, WA based company that I learned about in Sramana Mitra’s Entrepreneur Journeys, solves this problem through their “on-demand Employee Spend Management business services.” Put simply, they have a suite of solutions that enables companies to automate the expensing process. Continue reading about Concur…
Thumbnail image for Willy Franzen.jpgArticle by Willy Franzen of One Day, One Internship and One Day, One Job

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Refine Your Internship Search to Include The Barbarian Group

Posted on June 12, 2009
I don’t know if you noticed, but internships are kind of hard to find now. Summer opportunities are mostly filled, and recruiting for Fall internships hasn’t quite begun yet.
That means that I’ll be taking the next two weeks off from posting, and then I’ll start back up, hopefully, with lots of Fall opportunities to tell you about. I chose today’s company strictly become of their name: The Barbarian Group. I had a great history teacher in high school who loved talking about barbarians. The only problem was that the word often came out of his mouth with a bunch of spit. I chose to sit directly to his left, which was out of the zone of expectoration, where I could sit safely and be amused by the flying saliva as it came dangerously close to landing on my classmates’ textbooks. That’s why I like the word barbarian. You’ll like The Barbarian Group, because they’re a totally sweet “digital services and creation company” based in Boston, NYC, and San Francisco. Their employees also collectively own 3,909 pairs of shoes. You can add to that. Continue reading about The Barbarian Group…
Thumbnail image for Willy Franzen.jpgArticle by Willy Franzen of One Day, One Internship and One Day, One Job

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