Traffic to Up 173 Percent

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In an effort to re-launch our site during the slower summer months, we made some hard decisions about what features we needed to have in order to go live and what features could wait. One of the features we decided we could do without temporary were job detail pages. Those are the pages that you see after running a job search and clicking on the job title in order to read the description, requirements, and other details. In other words, as strange as this sounds, we were a job board without jobs. Sort of.

Like most high traffic sites, we’re always making changes and enhancements. We modified our site a few days ago so jobs posted to our site again have their job detail pages on our site. We also have jobs which are back fill in that they appear at the bottom of our search results and help guarantee that any user will find multiple jobs that appeal to them. If you click on those, you’ll continue to go to the employer’s site or whatever third party site is the source for those jobs. But the jobs posted to our site now click through to the job detail page on our site. The effect on the number of visitors to our site was huge: an increase of 173 percent from Thursday, October 7th to Thursday, October 14th.

We’ve got some other big changes in development and they should roll out within a week or two. They may not have the same huge impact on visits, but they should have a huge, beneficial impact on the number of pages that the average visitor sees and the average time on the site.

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