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The Career Activist Republic

Career Activist Republic book by Peter WeddleOne of my favorite people in the staffing and employment industries is Peter Weddle the author or editor of over two dozen books and former columnist for The Wall Street Journal, National Business Employment Weekly, and He’s also the executive director of the International Association of Employment Web Sites, the only association for job boards like

Peter just published yet another book and this one is perfectly targeted to anyone who is considering striking out on their own by starting their own business, whether that business be a traditional one with physical premises, employees, and inventory or the type of business which has become far more popular over the past couple of decades: consulting. Peter makes the case the today’s workers aren’t becoming free agents like others have referred to them as but instead they’re becoming “freed agents” meaning their own career activists.

Peter’s new book, The Career Activist Republic, is based around three ideas:

  1. Every human being is a person of talent—they are endowed with a capacity for excellence which enables them to accomplish extraordinary feats at work.
  2. In today’s turbulent global marketplace, employers are no longer hiring even perfectly qualified candidates—what they want, what they need to employ is talent.
  3. That desperate need empowers every American to work for him or herself while being employed by someone else—to create the kind of security they can actually count on even in difficult times.

Have you lost faith in the American Dream? Read The Career Activist Republic and give yourself the tools to construct it for yourself.

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