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    August 25, 2010 by

    (Chicago, IL – August 25, 2010) — onrec Expo 2010 provides a thriving educational network opportunity for today’s recruiter. Onrec is the highly regarded “must attend” recruitment event of 2010 where corporate recruiting practitioners and thought leaders will share cutting edge sourcing and recruiting solutions to meet current and future talent needs.

    onrec Expo 2010 brings attendees, presenters and exhibitors together to share their common interests – sourcing and recruiting top talent; to provide networking in an educational and professional environment which will stimulate beneficial partnerships, discussions, and debates.

    This year, onrec will also offer Crowd-Sourcing, a public distributed problem-solving model. First, the problems are broadcast to attendees – also known as the crowd – in the form of an “open call” for solutions. The group works together to form a successful solution to the problems at hand and offer up actionable solutions to help the recruiters at their organization.

    This year’s Crowd-Sourcing sessions for the main event include:

    • Crowd-Sourcing – “The Power of Social Media”, presented by Eric Winegardner, Vice President, Client Adoption, Monster.com and Marie Artim, Assistant VP of Recruiting, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    • Crowd-Sourcing – “Sourcing”, presented by Donato Diorio, Founder & CEO, Broadlook Technologies
    • Crowd-Sourcing – “Recruiting”, presented by Steven Rothberg, President and Founder, CollegeRecruiter.com and Stephen A. Lowisz, President and CEO, Qualigence

    General topics have been pre-determined (i.e. sourcing, recruiting, assessment, screening, etc.), and typically the attendees form into mini communities, with 2-3 attendees, they then submit solutions to the specific topics’ problems. The attendees also sort through the solutions, finding the best ones that will provide workable results. The best solutions are then owned by the entity that broadcast the problem in the first place – the crowd-sourcer, as well as the attendees. The winning individuals within the crowd are then rewarded with kudos, intellectual satisfaction, and recognition of a job well done.

    About onrec Expo:

    onrec Expo is Onrec.com’s annual international recruitment conference featuring a wide range of over 25 industry specific topics from more than 40 of the top thought leaders and industry experts – and with the 2009 acquisition of Kennedy Information’s Recruiting Conference and RecruitingTrends.com, onrec Expo has effectively become the must attend recruitment conference of the year.

    About CollegeRecruiter.com:

    CollegeRecruiter.com is the leading job board used by college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. CollegeRecruiter.com features over 100,000 internship and entry-level job posting ads as well as tens of thousands of pages of employment-related articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, and Ask the Experts questions and answers. CollegeRecruiter.com also has a double opt-in database of 10 million students and seven million recent graduates who have asked to receive employment and other offers that CollegeRecruiter.com delivers via email and cell phone text messaging.

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