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    January 15, 2010 by

    Internet Marketing Strategies – E-Mail-Based Marketing
    Internet marketing campaigns utilizing tools such as e-mail marketing and e-newsletters offer a great return on investment.
    We have been asked several times in the past few weeks about e-mail marketing and e-newsletters and how they can be used to benefit our clients’ business. In this rough economy every small business can benefit from increased profit, so everyone seems to be looking at ways to help their bottom line. We will be putting together a 4-part series on Internet marketing that will help any business get an edge up on their competition.
    Why should I use Internet Marketing?
    That is an easy question. If performed properly you can get returns of roughly $50 for every $1 spent. I would bet that most people you know have e-mail. So Internet marketing is a viable solution and relatively inexpensive. The cost for sending out 2500 e-mails is roughly $25. That equates to a return on investment of roughly $1250!
    Most businesses are interested in Internet marketing, but feel that doing so has to be technical, expensive or have heard of the SPAM laws and the consequences of violating the law. While at one time these were valid concerns, the technology has advanced to make it much easier to create your own Internet marketing campaign. Since there are so many businesses performing this service it has decreased the cost of sending out this type of marketing. Continue reading …
    Article by, Kori Rodley Irons and courtesy of Associated Content, Inc.

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