Jobs Are Not an End. They are a Means.

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Most of our parents, regardless of their pursuit or education, grew up counting on eventually landing jobs or beginning professions in one place and remaining there for twenty, thirty or even forty years. Today, we all know that’s no longer the case.
This mind-set came out of the post World War II era, when American companies could afford to promise near-lifetime security for their workers. The same promise was true for those who entered the professions, when becoming a doctor, lawyer, or teacher meant lifelong security. Get a job. Keep it forever. Continue reading …
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Keith F. Luscher is author of the book Prospect & Flourish, and is a Marketing Representative with Principal Financial Group. Prior to joining Principal, he served professionals in the insurance and financial services industries as a management consultant. In that role, he advised producers on issues related to marketing and prospecting, and developed groundbreaking educational curriculum. Luscher is also a nationally known author, speaker, and expert in media, interpersonal communication and marketing.

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