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How to Increase Email Campaign Success!

We all hear rumbles about email marketing becoming a less effective medium for advertising campaigns. We hear about decreasing open rates, excessive SPAM filters and the advent of mobile marketing. On the surface it could be presumed that email is losing its punch. Fortunately, for those of us in email marketing, this could not be further from the truth. According to Merkel-Columbia, in 2005 only 38 percent of individuals checked their primary email more than 3 times per day. This number has increased to over 44% . In fact, over 58% of respondents think that email is a great way for companies to communicate with them. The challenge becomes creating emails that set your organization apart from the crowd.
Creating an interactive email is essential in attracting the attention of the reader. The more ways for an individual to interact with the email, the greater the chance they will respond to the message. To increase the individuals response it is important to include multiple links, special promotions, coupons, email addresses and phone numbers. Other ways to attract readers is to include videos, cartoons and viral options, like forwading the email to a friend.
Deploying your email campaign to a targeted audience is another way to increase the response rate. Emails can be targeted by geography, age, areas of interest, ethnicity and a whole variety of other ways. Sending an email campaign to the audience most interested in your products or services will help to ensure the success of the campaign and provide you the results you want.
Using email advertising as a part of a whole campaign strategy is also critical. To ensure successful advertising , multiple platform deployment is the most effective path to take. Individuals are more likely to listen to your message if they have heard about your product or service in other mediums. By including SMS, banners or search as part of your overall advertising strategy the response to your email message will be greater.
Email is and will continue to be an excellent way to inform individuals about your goods and services. Email is a fast and flexible way to promote your offering. To increase the success of your ampaigns, use creative, targeted email campaigns as part of an overall advertising strategy.

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