Community College Can be a Segueway to University

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I have said this before, I went the community college route and I never regretted it. I got a great education at the minimum cost. I recommend this for students that do not know what they want to study, students that do not have the grades to get into the University of their choice and for students to supplement their requirements during the summer. If your student does not have a job, have them take courses during the summer that will transfer. They can take a difficult course, a course they have dropped during the year and need to make up and an elective for fun.
After attending Community College your student can transfer to a four-year state university or private college. It is important to make sure that all the courses your student took can transfer. If the course is too easy or is in a subject not taught at the four-year college, the student might find that the University will not accept the community college course for transfer credit. Often there are agreements in place for which courses will transfer. Look for a list on the websites of both the community college and the prospective four-year college. And when in doubt, ASK.
This is from Professors Guide 4-Star Tip. In many of the larger states, the Department of Education maintains a tool that allows you to see what will transfer. To see one of the best, click on Then do a Web search to see if your state offers something similar.
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