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Email Campaigns Losing their Appeal?

Are you having problems with your email campaigns losing appeal to your target audience? Have click rates started to drop? There are a few ways you can adjust your email message to increase the appeal to your target audience.
One of the most effective ways to increase email response rates is to give recipients a number of ways to interact with the email. Most email campaigns have a couple of links and that is the only action a reader can take. Think about adding an email address link for responses, a phone number or an SMS short code. If you want to get even more creative include a video message or a short survey that can be completed in the body of the email. Including coupons or special offer codes are other great ways to increase reader interest.
Make sure the email message is short and concise. We see so many email creatives that are overloaded in text. It is very difficult for the reader to find the message when there is so much to wade through. Keep the text simple and the graphics relevant and the reader will not be overwhelmed with too much information. The email should be used as a teaser to encourage individuals to visit your website!
Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach a specific target. Increasing the effectiveness of email messages ultimately increases website traffic and conversions.

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