• Facebook is a Networking Tool All Candidates Should Take Advantage Of

    March 30, 2009 by

    A lot of recent college graduates are on the lookout for internships or entry level jobs in their chosen career fields. Some graduates prefer to hold on until they complete their highest level of education while others begin their careers right away and continue higher studies at the same time. One of the best ways to land an internship or entry level job is to look through some of the best job boards on the Internet.
    Most recruiters these days advertise on the Internet for a wider reach in order to pick and choose the right person for a particular job. Job boards maintain databases of all jobs available and the qualifications needed. All people have to do is to go to these sites, search for the jobs that suit them, click on the links provided and submit their data online. No standing in queues for application forms, no sending forms by “snail mail” or courier. Everything is done online.
    Things have become really simple these days. If you have joined a social networking site likeFacebook and have developed a large circle of friends there, it can be an excellent place to look for a job. Most jobs these days are found through networking. Recruiters are looking for credentials that can be verified and networking on Facebook can make it easier to verify candidates’ credentials through their profiles and friends, who may also be references. While credentials are important, a person who has a good disposition, is known to be sincere, hard working and easy going, would certainly be preferred by recruiters. Cultural fit is often considered more important than qualifications.
    Networking through Facebook is an excellent way for candidates to find the best jobs. With the ongoing recession, a lot of people have been laid off as many companies have been downsizing. More stable companies are taking advantage of this situation and adding to their workforces. The number of jobs is not dwindling, but the number of job seekers has risen tremendously. It has always been survival of the fittest and those with the maximum exposure, through networking, are faring better than those without it. If you are seeking an internship or entry level job, it would certainly make sense to explore all options, and Facebook is one option that offers an excellent opportunity for networking that all candidates should take advantage of.
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