Avoid Age Discrimination in Your Job Hunt

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So, you’re not a 20-something, right out of college? Not a spring chicken when it comes to the working world? Are you worried about age discrimination in your job hunt?
Recently, I contributed my 2 cents to a discussion on Linkedin about the pros and cons of listing a date specifying when you received your degree on your resume. (Thus, presumably revealing your age.) The questioner had been told that he should remove degree dates for any degrees ten years or older.
Coincidentally, last week, I worked with two clients in their 30’s, both of whom asked about removing graduation dates. Maybe they are all getting advice from the same source!

I disagree with this advice.
My research on the subject indicates that if you leave off your graduation dates, it will only raise a red flag to a recruiter or hiring manager. The fact is, when you don’t list a date, the reader will automatically assumes you are probably quite senior. If you were trying to look younger by omitting a date, the result has the opposite impact.
Yes, there is age discrimination in the job hunt, no question. The fact is, you can’t hide your age forever! Being honest from the beginning could be the best approach, no matter how long ago you earned your degree!
There are a lot of ways to help you look younger in a job hunt. I’ve written about how managing your digital footprint can make you appear more youthful. I believe that what you DO, how you ACT and what you KNOW is more important than what dates appear on your resume.
I’m not alone. All of the recruiters I’ve heard from regarding this post agree that omitting dates is a red flag that job seekers don’t want to wave in front of employers.
Article by, Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers
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