Where do you live during an internship out-of-state?

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We posed a couple internship-seeker questions to Lauren Berger, dubbed “The Intern Queen”. She shares advice here about finding a place to live in a out-of-state internship.

Internship-seeker question: I found out about you through my school newspaper which happens to be your alum, GO KNIGHTS! I wanted to know with all your experience with finding internships where did you stay? Because I have been really interested in internships in LA or NY such as BET or NBC but most of the big time internships don’t offer pay or a place to stay and I would like to know how did you do it? It’s the only thing holding me back. I don’t know anyone that lives in these places such as family, friends.

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Find an internship in a city with public transportation

Intern Queen: This seems to be a very common question lately. If you want to intern in New York City check out the NYU Summer program, which can include a meal plan. You can also look into summer housing opportunities with some of the other colleges in the NYC area like The New School, Columbie, Loyola. When I went to Los Angeles for the summer I subleased a room in an apartment off of Craigslist.com which worked out very well. Another summer I stayed at Oakwoods Corporate Housing which can is expensive but provides an “internship discount” and an experience of a lifetime.

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Internship-seeker question: : I’m a junior and I got so excited when I saw all the great internship opportunities listed on your website. The only problem is, I live in Orlando, and while there are some great things available here, I find myself most interested in internships available in NY and LA. How does an unpaid intern afford housing and the cost of living in the big cities? I’d be willing to chalk it up to a great experience and new connections, but I’m not so sure my parents would be willing to pay for it. What did you do?

Intern queen: Good to hear from you ! Yes, currently we only have a few internship listings in Orlando. First, we need to figure out which field you are interested in. If the magazine listings in New York interest you then lets think on a smaller scale for the spring semester. There are a few great publications in Orlando (Sentinel, Orlando Style, Orlando Mag, etc). Try calling these places and asking what you need to do to intern there. For spring and fall semesters I always did local internships. I suggest putting together a specific budget of how much money you would need to go to NYC for the summer. NYC tends to be a bit easier because you don’t need to worry about transportation and NYU has a summer program where students from around the country can stay at their dorms. Check it out online, it’s called NYU SUMMER – That’s what I did and it worked out great. Also, you can definitely get a summer job and have an internship. When I interned in NYC, I only interned 3 days per week so I could have easily worked 5 days per week. When I interned in Los Angeles for one summer I was working at Islands (Burger Restaurant) on the weekends and in the evenings and interning during the day. Another good thing about the NYU Summer program is that you can do a meal plan so that most of your food will be pre-paid as well. Get it all planned out and then go to your parents with it. If you have to stay in Orlando, that is fine too. Just look into companies that interest you there. Many times it’s the smaller companies that give you more hands-on opportunities.

Lauren Berger.jpgArticle by, Lauren Berger, dubbed “The Intern Queen” after participating in fifteen internships during her four years in college. She built her “Intern Queen”brand in May of 2006 and recently teamed up with Quarterlife to create the Quarterlife Internship Program. Berger also provides Internship Advice and Content for students.

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