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Internships After College Can Be “Recognized” On Your Transcripts

Q & A With the Intern Queen
Q: Hi There!
I have a question for you. I graduated from Brown University last spring and now I am having trouble getting an internship. I have been offered two amazing internships but have been unable to take them because they are only offered for academic credit! Do you have any advice or know of any schools that give academic credit for internships?

A: Hello T ! This is where one of my Intern Queen tips comes in handy. Even after you graduate, it is still sometimes possible to get an internship “recognized” on your college transcripts. Call your guidance counselor from college and ask if this can be done. If you can get “internship recognition” on your transcript that should be sufficient for the company you are trying to intern with. Remember, in most cases the issue of college credit is something the student handles – not the companies. Companies just want to know that you are getting something “school-related” out of the internship because inmost cases they are not paying interns. Try this and see what luck you have. That being said, the more “corporate” internships do usually only offer internships to candidates currently enrolled in school. As a PLAN B, apply to smaller companies that will provide a hands-on experience and won’t mind if you aren’t still enrolled. Check out my site, for some company ideas.
Best of luck,
The Intern Queen
Lauren Berger.jpgArticle by, Lauren Berger, dubbed “The Intern Queen” after participating in fifteen internships during her four years in college. She built her “Intern Queen”brand in May of 2006 and recently teamed up with Quarterlife to create the Quarterlife Internship Program where students can get FREE access to internships in the entertainment and journalism fields. Berger also provides Internship Advice and Content for students.

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