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I got tons of resumes in today from potential fall internship candidates ! Very exciting ! Please continue to spread the word to your classmates and friends that they can apply for the internships they want through our site – and its completely FREE.
I wanted to post some questions that I’m answering for my “Q & A with the Intern Queen” on the Internship Section…here goes:
Q: Hi I’m a Junior in High School and was wondering if it is possible for kids my age to get internships or if they usually only let college students in. If we can’t get any internships what are some other options for us to get experience in the entertainment business?
A: Kudos to you for even asking me about internships while you are still in high school! Internships are becoming more and more popular for high school students. If your school gets out early in the afternoon than you might be able to put in a few afternoons per week at an internship. This is really up to the company. I would reccomend applying for a few different positions and clearly indicating in your resume and cover letter that you are in highschool but extremely passionate about the entertainment business and ready to take on a full load of school and your internship. Best of luck and keep me posted on what happens! Check our some of our opportunities on as well as the opportunities on Entertainment Careers.
Q: Are there any internship programs for non-students who would like to explore other career opportunities?
A: Some companies do have special guidelines for non-students to enter their programs. However, most internships in the entertainment industry are unpaid so companies feel that they must compensate students with college credit. You will have a better chance finding opportunities with paid internships because the company will feel like they are giving something back to you in return for your hardwork. Best of luck. And search for Paid internships on the Quarterlife site at
In New Internship Opportunities, I have some great ones for all of you internship – hungry students! Today we posted the following internships on
So get online and start applying asap !! Email with your everyday Internship Needs !
Lauren Berger.jpgArticle by, Lauren Berger, dubbed “The Intern Queen” after participating in fifteen internships during her four years in college. She built her “Intern Queen”brand in May of 2006 and recently teamed up with Quarterlife to create the Quarterlife Internship Program where students can get FREE access to internships in the entertainment and journalism fields. Berger also provides Internship Advice and Content for students.

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