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So, you’ve been working in the same position for several years and now feel the time is right to elevate your level of responsibility along with your title and salary. However, with this being your first time attempting to move into a more prominent role, you have no idea where to start.
Many people are in your position and also wonder what steps they should take to move up the corporate ladder. One thing you can do is stay on top of current trends and educational requirements in your field. But once you’ve fulfilled these tasks and are ready to apply for a job, you’ll need a great resume to get your foot in the door. Let’s look at some ways to create the right resume to match your accelerated career goals.
Try a Functional Resume Style
One recommended way to create a resume that appeals to higher-level recruiters and hiring managers is to shine a light on the skills you’ve acquired. You can get this done by using a functional resume format.
For example, if you were to use a functional format to describe your skills as an IT tech, instead of listing each job you’ve had year after year, you would focus on specific skills. By creating headings for each skill (ex. Software Development) you would be able to describe in detail all of the software you’ve developed for each company you’ve worked for. Using a functional resume in this way can help you expand on each skill you possess and show the employer your versatility as an employee.
Highlight Your Outside Achievements and Awards
Another great way to make your resume appeal to upper-level recruiters and hiring managers is by using a section to highlight anything you’ve achieved outside of your hired role. This works especially well if you focus on roles that have required you to act as a supervisor or manager of others.
For example, let’s say at your current company you have worked as a training coordinator for 5 years. However, in your spare time you founded and led a diversity awareness group that consisted of 10 volunteer employees. With this group, you used presentations and focus groups to demonstrate the need for diversity awareness in a work setting. By noting such a huge accomplishment on your resume, you show the hiring manager that you’re able to successfully develop and manage projects outside of your hired role.
Staying at Your Current Employer?
If you want to move up the corporate ladder while remaining at your current employer, it is a good idea to create a resume similar to one you would create for an outside employer. Why? Because it is very likely that the hiring manager won’t have any idea what you’ve accomplished on the job. But don’t feel bad about this duty as there are benefits to applying in-house, including being able to use respected employees for recommendations, and noting in-house training programs that are very relevant to the company.
Working your way up the corporate ladder can be an exciting ride – especially when you come equipped with the right tools. By showing up with a great resume and even better attitude, you’ll see in no time that your ride to the top will move smoother than you could ever imagine.
Heather Eagar is a former professional resume writer and owner of who is now dedicated to providing job seekers with resources and products that promote job search success from beginning to end.

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