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January 27, 2011

Reprinted courtesy of TheCareerNews.com
NEW YORK, NY — Let the jobs find you! You do this is by making yourself known to both the world, and recruiters. One way to do this is by joining social networking sites and by making your job history known. The social networking component that has been exploding on the internet over the past few years has really let headhunters and recruiters connect with job seekers in ways they have never been able to before.

Recruiters are combing these sites daily looking for good candidates. If you want to start getting calls from recruiters, then you should start by creating profiles on all of these networks. Make sure you complete your full profile, including all previous jobs and the history of your employment.
It’s also very important to put all keywords that relate to your skills, title, and any software you use, as recruiters like to search utilizing keywords in both search engines and these networks. The more you join and participate in social networks, the more exposure you will get for your personal brand and maybe find your next job without even looking.
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