Teaching as a Career Path

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Do you want a career that makes a difference and allows you to help others? Do you want to invest in the future of the world by shaping the minds of the next generation? If you answered yes to these questions, then an entry level job in the educational industry may be just what you need to begin a successful career.
The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics has revealed on its web site that the second largest industry in this country is Education, which accounts for over thirteen million jobs in the United States. Additional positions are expected to open over the next few years as the current generation of educational service professional reach retirement age and many of these positions will be offered as entry level job opportunities to qualified college graduates in the coming years. If you want to grab hold of this opportunity, what do you need to do?
Advanced planning is necessary as teaching is not something one jumps into lightly. Most teaching positions require a minimum of bachelors degree so decide early on what your passion is and choose your courses accordingly. It is also to be noted that the minimum standard of a bachelors degree pertains mainly to entry level teaching positions with more advanced positions and even some entry level teaching jobs requiring further educational standards such as a Master’s degree.
At this point, it is also wise to decide if there is a certain group of students you would prefer to work with. If you like working with young, insatiably curious minds, perhaps an entry level teaching position with Kindergarten and Elementary age students would be to your liking. Do you want to work with students who have a little more knowledge of how the world works and wish to learn how to apply the sciences? Consider a teaching position in a middle or secondary school. Whatever path you choose, an entry level teaching position may be the key to your future.

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