Special Education: A job So Tough You Will Love It

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For the college student trying to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives and where they want their career path to lead them, some difficult choices lay in front of them. With so many options available, it is sometimes difficult to settle down on just one point of focus. If you are having trouble finding what direction you want to go with your college courses, may I suggest training for a career in Special Education?
First off, let’s take a moment to define what Special Education is. The field of Special Education encompasses a wide age range of students, from toddlers to twenty something’s, who possess some degree of physical or mental disability that effects their ability to learn in a normal curriculum. Generally, the Special Education curriculum is just a modification of the general curriculum to better suit the needs of the individual student. In the most severe cases of disability, the Special Education student may go to a special school that is designed for their needs but for the most part, those with special needs can take advantage of the educational opportunities their local school system provides.
Becoming an entry level Special Education teacher can be a rewarding career choice because you are working with people who will struggle and give their best even when you think they have nothing left in them. Watching your students triumph in even small things is a hugely moving experience so every day at work can become an emotional roller coaster. The job is tough. Keeping your patience in tact while helping your students to learn acceptable behaviors and develop emotionally can be trying. Watching a student miss the mark for the umpteenth time can be heart wrenching. But, oh, when they get it right and you see that spark of pride in their eyes, then you will know why you chose an entry level job in Special Education.

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