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Preparing for a Career in Sales Management

Are you a highly competitive, self starter who likes to work with a team to achieve success? Can you put in long hours and handle high stress situations? Do you like to travel extensively and get paid well for doing it? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may find the entry level job of a sales manager to be to your liking.
The entry level sales manager job entails the oversight of the sales team for their company, assigning territories and promoting programs target at sales representatives to increase the sales of a product or service offered by their company by setting goals and implementing training programs. The entry level job of the sales manager also includes communicating with suppliers and distributors to establish statistical information for profit potential and inventory requirements, thus insuring the supply is on hand to meet the demand of the customers.
Companies offering entry level jobs in the field of sales management primarily seek college graduates with either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business administration and a strong background in marketing related course work. Business law, economics, finance and statistics are also highly recommended fields of study for the potential sales manager. For companies that deal mainly with technology, a bachelor’s degree in engineering or science coupled with a master’s degree in business administration is a powerful combination when found in a prospective employees resume.
In addition to the college course work, previous work experience gained through internships, such as those found on the internship listings of, is a highly sought after commodity for companies seeking to hire new employees for entry level sales management positions.

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