Paying Your Way Through College as a Medical Assistant

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For those of us who don’t have a huge trust fund or a scholarship to fall back on, the expenses of becoming a full time student can be a bit of a deterrent when the time comes to sign up for the next semester at college. If you find yourself balking at the cost of text books and tuition but you have always dreamed of a career in the medical field, there is a practical solution to the problem.
By finding an entry level job or internship opportunity as a medical assistant, you can earn the extra money to help with your expenses while gaining valuable work experience and on the job training. Since these entry level positions do not require extensive education beyond that of a high school curriculum, the college student is well qualified for the job and should have no trouble finding a situation to fill their needs. The entry level medical assistant job or internship also makes a great introduction to the medical field so that you will have a more solid understanding of the theory and techniques taught in your college course work.
The duties of the medical assistant vary from locality and even individual facility preferences but usually consists of retrieving patients medical information, as well as performing administrative and clinical tasks to assure smooth operation of the medical facility. Administrative duties may include answering phones, setting up appointments and establishing communications between hospitals and laboratories regarding admissions or tests that are required by the doctor. The clinical duties of the entry level medical assistant job are subject to regulation by the state in which they work but most often these duties include sterilization and disinfection of exam rooms and assisting the physician with menial tasks.

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