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January 27, 2011

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AUSTIN, TX — The problem with many resumes is that they read like biographies. Many companies don’t really care about your life story. Employers want to know if hiring you will be valuable to them. That’s where keywords come in. “Keywords are words that show one can produce results.”

Job hunters should present key phrases like “driving gross” or “increased efficiency” in a prominent way, so that they stand out when the resume gets past the computer and is viewed by human eyes. A prospective employer wants to be able to determine within 10 seconds what value you bring to the table. Think of the top of your resume as a billboard sign, painted with keywords designed to draw attention!
You need to highlight the work skills that qualify you specifically for the job that you’re targeting. When applying for a position in which you will compete with hundreds of other applicants, with the right keywords backed with solid experience and accomplishments, your resume will earn the attention it deserves.
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