Finding Entry Level Jobs When the Job Market is Poor

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Nearly all of us have been out of work at some point in our lives. We know that during that time we would have been content to find any job, be it an entry level position or whatever was available. Todays recent college graduates are experiencing the same turmoil as they begin their search for the entry level jobs that will blossom into their own careers. If you find yourself among this class of job hunters who face the task of finding entry level employment in an already overcrowded job market, what can you do to improve your chances?
First, be active in the pursuit of your entry level job. You can’t just mail off one or two copies of your resume each week and then sit back and wait. The term job hunter is very fitting because in todays job market, you often have to actively pursue the opportunities that you are interested in. Don’t be afraid to call a prospective employer and ask for an interview or to follow up interest after you have been interviewed. Send your resume out to as many prospective employers as possible. Just as a hunter may spend days pursuing his quarry to no avail, the entry level job seeker is often disappointed at the end of the day as well but the successful job seeker will continue to hunt for their own entry level position.
Secondly, keep your job hunting equipment in good order and close at hand. Deer hunters like to tell the story of the hunter who stalked a big buck trying to get a clean shot for several days to no avail. On the last day of the season, he laid his gun down and walked over to a group of bushes to answer natures call… and walked into the side of the buck he had been hunting. Don’t be like that hunter. Keep your resume updated and ready to use. In an overcrowded job market, getting there first often means getting the job.
Finally, use the right equipment. When you are looking for an entry level job or internship opportunities, very few resources are as helpful and effective as those found at so if you have the opportunity, make use of these wonderful tools such as the Entry level job and Internship search page. In addition to this search tool, there is a plethora of informative articles and blog posting to be found on the site. With these resources and a little determination, you can find entry level work in a poor job market.

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