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INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Jim Shumacker is a career coach and owner of “I want people to have a good in-depth knowledge of what makes career happiness before searching for a new job,” Shumacker said. He offers the following advice for those contemplating a career change.

The job search should be the culmination of a study of yourself. Start exploring who you are. Look back into childhood and search for clues about your influences, dreams and passions. Get to know your personality type. Your personality dictates how you relate to people, how you process information, how you make decisions and what organizational structure makes you perform at your best.
Learn how your values affect your career. Beyond personality, values play a surprisingly important role in career success. Know your mission. It is not enough to understand your history, personality and values. Before changing careers, you need to be clear on what you are trying to accomplish. Success is not based on what you are paid, but rather on understanding how you want to be known and relied on by others.
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