Learn to be flexible in your search for a job

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SACRAMENTO, CA — In today’s evolving economy, it’s important to stay flexible when searching for a new job. Look inside and take stock of the skills and personal qualities that you have to offer. Apply flexibility to generate options. A limiting factor for many job seekers is the failure to generate a host of options to pursue. Mention flexibility as one of your attributes, so you can use it to expand the possibilities that build on your strengths in some way.

Be on the lookout for new applications of your skills and different industries that would benefit from your experience. Communicate confidently. It’s possible to have a sound strategy and still be overlooked if you fail to promote yourself effectively. Work with someone you trust to develop the words that will convey clear and compelling messages about who you are and what you have to offer.
Consider combining job search approaches. Distribute your resume to multiple career sites and niche job boards. Network with others to share information and job leads for your search. Combining networking with other job search tools and strategies (online postings, job search engines, career sites, recruiters, job fairs, direct mail) will allow you to allocate your time productively and capitalize on the benefits of each technique.
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