Dealing with negative feelings over a job loss

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NEW YORK, NY — When you’re having trouble coping over a job loss, you don’t know whether to scream or go bowling. Your initial outcry, “I’ve been screwed,” is only natural. Having to deal with employment rejection is no fun. Here are a few ways to deal with your negative feelings.

First, it’s important that you allow yourself a short period of time to mourn over your loss. Effects of job loss can feel overwhelming. So you need to acknowledge your feelings and decide to cope with change. Second, get busy with your job search. One of the best antidotes for feeling depressed is activity. Whenever feeling down, start working on a project as one of the ways to deal with lowered feelings.
And finally, leave emotions behind when meeting people. When you wallow in emotions, your anger is projected on to prospective employers. This can ruin relationships. You will be unsuccessful at interviews and bowl a lousy game.
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