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Choosing your career Part Three: Bringing it all together

In the previous two posts, we discussed the importance of planning and preparation to your career. In this post we will continue that train of thought with a few words about how to apply our new found knowledge.
By knowing what our life and career goals are at the beginning of our educational journey and recognizing the boundaries that our chosen area of residence places upon us, we can best decide how to pursue the career we want and find both entry level jobs and internships in this field.
It is possible to bring your career to exactly where you want it to go but those points must be taken into consideration and held to closely, just as the navigator onboard a sailing vessel must pay careful attention to his charts and instruments.
When you have decided what you want your career to do for you and researching the market for that career has proven that it is, indeed, a good choice, then it is time to choose the best school and education opportunities that you can obtain. Choose courses that will allow you for the higher salary of specialized careers without excluding you from more general entry level career opportunities. Having a major study in one field and a minor study in a related field can be a valuable asset if you can handle this level of academic pressure.
While attending school, locating an entry level job or internship opportunity, such as those found on the Entry Level Job and Internship Pages at, may also prove very valuable because it allows you to gain on the job work experience that employers value greatly, thus improving your odds of successfully steering your career in the direction you want it to go after college. Come aboard, Captain. Your ship is waiting.

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