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Jittery job market presents challenges (and opportunities)

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NEW YORK, NY — The wild swings in the economy coupled with job cuts have made it clear that many are no longer completely safe in their current job. This is why it’s a good idea to have a backup career plan.

The employment climate on Wall Street is edgy to say the least, but this unrest also creates an environment where savvy professionals in any field can position themselves as forward-thinkers who are too valuable to lose. Think of ways to increase your standing as a bottom-line conscious individual. Seize this moment to enhance your stature and make your case for indispensability – while also being cautious and preparing for the worst.
Market gyrations are valuable career wake-up calls. No matter what your professional game plan is – to weather the storm in place, or to seize the moment to move ahead – you must take some action now!
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