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Easy to do cover letter tips

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SEATTLE, WA — “Most people would prefer not to write a cover letter,” says Nancy Buysse, a Twin Cities career consultant and facilitator. “They’re not sure what to put in it.” A handout prepared by HIRED, an employment and job-seeking organization that Buysse works with, suggests a three-paragraph approach:

  1. Paragraph One: “Your goal is to spark interest and let the reader know why you are writing,” according to the handout. “You need a strong opening,” Buysse adds. “Tell them why you want this job.”
  2. Paragraph Two: Your goal is to relate your qualifications to the job requirement. The cover letter can be the place to note things that aren’t on your resume but that are relevant to the job. Try writing in bullet points or creating columns of job requirements matched by your credentials.
  3. Paragraph Three: “Request action. Ask for an interview appointment,” says the handout. End on an active note, rather than a lame “I look forward to hearing from you.”

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