Is The Therapy Field Dominated By Women?

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I was reading an OT Forum on this morning and a great question was posed. It comes from a student who is looking into becoming an Occupational Therapist and has noticed that the field might be lacking in the testosterone arena.

“I am currently interested in going into the field of OT because I find it interesting and I can use my work experience in an application towards graduate school. However, I was wondering whether OT tends to be a field that attracts more females to it than males. Is it as lopsided as you would expect in Nursing or Social Work?
If this is the case, what do you people think are possible explanations over why more females are interested in OT than males?”

What do you think? Is the OT field dominated by females? Do you think the therapy world as a whole is made up of more estrogen than testosterone? From my end of the spectrum, the recruiting side, I have found this to be true more so in the OT field than PT. What does it look like from your perspective? Send us a comment with your thoughts.
Article courtesy of RehabCare Student blog. RehabCare provides college recruiting for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapists Assistance, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants and Speech Language Pathologists.

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