Top reason why new hires bail: Unclear expectations

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ALEXANDRIA, VA — Unrealistic expectations about their job and their new organization is a major reason why as many as one-fourth of new hires leave within the first year, says a survey of more than 2,000 HR and training executives.
Other reasons include: failure to grasp how things get done around the organization (38.7%), poor communications with an immediate supervisor (33.1%), failure to develop a sense of belonging and purpose (26.4%), inadequate technical skills (22.7%), Not understanding the link between the job and organizational goals (20.9%), failure to connect with key employees (17.8%), inability to quickly establish trust and credibility (12.9%), and poor people skills, (12.9%)

The findings were part of a larger survey on HR trends conducted in December 2006 with high-level HR, training and development, and diversity executives at managerial levels and above. Most respondents were from the United States but there were a few Canadian employers. They represented a broad cross-section of industries and a few were from government and higher education.
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