• More employers recruit the military work ethic

    September 14, 2007 by

    Reprinted courtesy of TheCareerNews.com
    WASHINGTON, DC — Employers looking to hire workers with strong work ethic, leadership skills and diverse backgrounds are increasingly turning to a select group of recruits: members of the military. These firms are motivated by more than a rock-bottom jobless rate, which was 4.6% in January, near a five-year low.
    Companies across a broad number of industries, such as Union Pacific, Starbucks, Raytheon and Merrill Lynch, are seeking workers for a wide variety of positions as they recruit veterans, sometimes before their time in the service has ended.

    “When you look at our employee base and you see the guys who are very conscientious, who are always early for work, who are clean-cut, have a smile on their face, get the job done and just have a great attitude, many of those guys come from the military,” says Jeff Owens, president of Advanced Technology Services in Peoria, Ill.
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