Plain Clothes Detective Sample Cover Letter

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When job seekers write plainclothes detective resume cover letters, they should be certain to include their experience, expertise, and any awards they have received for their service. This type of professional information will make a strong impression and land interviews. Any plainclothes detective resume cover letter should showcase the applicant’s strengths and aptitudes.

Joe Jobhunter
32 Hilton Court
Pleasantville, USA 56734
April 21, 2006
Detective Gary Banner
Matthews and Martin Detective Agency
89 Tenth Street
Pleasantville, USA 99999
Dear Mr. Banner:
Your listing on for two plainclothes detectives called out to me. I have been looking for a job as a plainclothes detective for the past three years. As you will see when you read my attached resume, I have experience as a police officer and I’ve worked as a freelance detective, as well.
Today I’m writing to ask if I might come to your office for an interview, some morning next week, to talk about the possibility of my being hired to work at Matthews and Martin Detective Agency.
Please call me at 675-980-9898 to arrange a meeting time that is convenient for you. I’ll be happy to bring supporting documents, showing you the range and depth of cases I have worked on successfully. I appreciate your taking a moment to read my resume cover letter and resume.
Joe Jobhunter
Enclosure: cover letter and resume
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