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    All product promoter resume cover letters focus on the applicants’ ability to work at a high-energy job demonstrating products at a county fair or exhibition, often held at a fairgrounds or city convention center. They will need to be familiar with the specific product and the hours of travel and presentation. Any product promoter resume cover letter should include the job hunter’s qualifications as well as previous experience.

    Jon Jobhunter
    456 Skyline Drive
    Centerville, USA 34576
    May 12, 2006
    Mr. Justin Maynard
    Hiring Manager
    Quick and Easy Cookware, Inc.
    17 Topside Drive
    Any Town, USA 78956
    Dear Dr. Maynard:
    I am looking for work as one of the product promoters you plan to hire, based on your listing, which I saw on CareerJimmy.com. I would enjoy traveling from one city to another as part of the exhibition team of product promoters for Quick and Easy Cookware.
    I have experience promoting and demonstrating household products, various kitchen gadgets, and games at a number of home decorating shows. You could count on me to meet all the criteria you listed.
    If you wish to pursue this further, please call me at 786-789-0456 weekday evenings and weekends and I’ll be happy to meet you in person. I welcome hearing from you and appreciate that you have read this resume cover letter. I hope you will consider me for one of the positions you plan to fill before July 1.
    Jon Jobhunter
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