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    For those writing aerobics instructor resume cover letters is sure to show the hiring manager your expertise at setting up a program or programs that fit the ability level and ages of the clientele. For example, if you can work with young professionals as well as retired seniors, it’s a plus for you. This and other useful information related to this work and the applicants’ experience should be included in your aerobics instructor resume cover letter.

    Jill Jobseeker
    234 Woodpark Drive
    Parker, California 99999
    June 19, 2006
    Ms. Leslie Bell, Manager
    Parker Dance and Fitness Studio
    16 Peterson Court
    Parker, CA 99999
    Dear Ms. Bell:
    On CareerJimmy.com I saw your posting for aerobics instructors. I was happy to see it since I’m looking for this work on a part-time basis. I have experience teaching aerobics at Keep Fit Dance Centers but am now eager to work at a facility closer to my home.
    If we could get together in person I’d welcome the chance to tell you what I’ve done and the kinds of classes I specialize in. I live about ten minutes from your studio and am willing to meet you any afternoon next week that suits your schedule.
    Please call me at 879-567-9090 to schedule a time.
    Thank you for reading my resume cover letter and for considering me for the job.
    Jill Jobseeker
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