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    Those who write administrative assistant resume cover letters mention their previous experience. If applicable, be sure to include your expertise, as well. For example, can you plan an employee party or set up an event for customers? An administrative assistant resume cover letter will grab the attention of a hiring manager if the writer knows what the job entails and is ready to step up to the task and bring something unique to it as well.

    Jill Jobseeker
    23 Barber Drive
    Creekside, USA 34342
    April 16, 2006
    Ms. Caroline Ready, Owner
    Heart and Hearth Gift Shop
    243 Walker Drive
    Creekside, USA 34342
    Dear Ms. Ready:
    Well-qualified administrative assistants are important to the efficient operation of any company, office, or organization. As the lead administrative assistant in a printing company for three years, I was in charge of processing orders, answering e-mail, interacting with our large customer base, and handling the overflow of work from the owner.
    I can also offer some unique qualities. For example, I am able to plan and set up a holiday open house for your customers, organize a thank you dinner for your employees, and help with in-store displays at your two locations. I would love to show you what I have accomplished in my previous employment, as I could do the same for you.
    I’d be happy to come to your office any weekday morning to talk about the position you posted on JobBankUSA.com and to discuss compensation and working hours. Please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 so we can arrange a date and time that fits your schedule. Thank you for reading and considering my resume cover letter.
    Jill Jobseeker
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