Pet Groomer Sample Cover Letter

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People who create pet groomer resume cover letters know that men and women in this field are responsible for safely bathing, grooming, and brushing customers’ cats and dogs. A groomer is often the first to notice a medical condition and to inspect ears and nails for any abnormalities, as well as to clean them. A pet groomer resume cover letter should display this interest and savvy about what the job includes.

Jill Jobhunter
46 10th Avenue
Long Bay, WA 22222
April 15, 2006
Ms. Gayle Nelson
Best Pet Grooming Boutique
65 Hillside Drive
Long Bay, WA 22222
Dear Ms. Nelson:
I enjoy bathing and grooming dogs and cats. I’ve been doing so for more than twenty years—with pets of my own and those of neighbors. Today, however, I am looking for professional work in this field and am eager to work for your grooming boutique, assuming the job you described is still available. That is my purpose in writing this resume cover letter.
An excellent pet groomer is hard to find. But if you hire me you will not regret it. I’m a responsible employee and I am good at this work. Dogs and cats are the highlight of my life.
May I drop by your shop next week to talk over the job and learn more about what you expect from the person you hire? Please call me at 222-222-2222 to set up an interview and I’ll be happy to come in on a day that is best for you.
Jill Jobhunter
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